M & S - Vintage Variety

THEIR STYLE - After having attended many large weddings (and always having fun), when it came time for their own wedding, the Bride and Groom realized they were ‘small wedding’ people. The ceremony happened in the gardens of a heritage building followed by an intimate candlelight dinner inside.

INTIMATE GATHERING - The attendees included only immediate family with their spouses (or partners) and the Bride’s best friend. The Bride met her best friend in grade school and they went to high school and college together.  They even graduated in the same subject. The Bride is an avid baker and made the wedding cake herself.  For months leading up to the wedding, whenever guests went to her place, she would have them sample different recipes for batter and icing. After dinner the group proceeded to the Bride’s Parents’ house for more dessert, wedding cake, board games and fireworks. As the Groom left the reception room, he said, “That was REALLY good!” For them, it was the perfect start to the rest of their future.