COURTNEY AND GABE - Shriners Silver Garden Events Center, Southfield, Mi

THE COUPLE - Courtney and Gabe are one of those couples, that when you meet them, you know they were meant to be together. When they are together, the picture is truly complete. Their wedding was beautiful, touching and relaxed. And did I mention, everyone had a good time!

STYLE AND PERSONALITY - The contrast of purple and red in Bridesmaids’ flowers was dazzling. The Flower girls had cute dresses with purple petals between layers of tulle. Each Bridesmaid wore a matching necklace and earring set with purple crystals. The Bride wore earrings with blue crystals for her “something blue” and even had a penny in the bottom of her shoe!  Her bouquet had lilies with plum centers radiating out to white petals and tips of chartreuse.

ALL THE IMPORTANT ELEMENTS - Along with Family, Friends and Love, there are three other elements that every wedding should have: laughter (the priest’s words to the bride and groom had the audience in stitches); fun (dancing, eating and lots of candy!); and a surprise (the Groom’s wedding gift to the Bride brought touching tears to her eyes moments before the ceremony).

It was a beautiful wedding for two very special people!