A Cherry Blossom Bridal Shower - Spring - Wayne County

Close female family and friends feted The-Bride-To-Be with a Bridal Shower on one of the first warm days in April.

THE THEME - The theme of the Bridal Shower was Cherry Blossoms and guests were encouraged to wear something pink to the Bridal Shower. The-Bride-To-Be wore a white tulle skirt nipped at the waist with a polished gold bow belt matched with sleek ankle strapped heels: Sweet and Sophisticated.

THE CAKE - There was no groom present, but there was cake! At the suggestion of the wise and experienced, The-Bride-To-Be was encouraged to ‘feed’ a slice of cake to her attendants as practice for the real thing (sharing cake with her groom on the wedding day) and it had guests in stitches.

THE EATS - The menu included tuna and chicken salad sandwiches on croissant rolls with various fruit, pasta and vegetable salads, and three kinds of soup. For dessert a three tiered cake decorated with the pink cherry blossom theme was served.

Friendship, love and laughter! It was the perfect recipe for an afternoon gathering, of family and friends, helping to set up one of their own, on her wedding journey. Lovely!