WAITING IN THE CAR – We got up late and went on a weekend, so except for coffee, we were famished! We ended up getting there a few minutes before opening and were surprised to see that we were one of three cars waiting for the place to open. The car closest to us was from Ohio. Did they really come all that way for noodles and broth? We didn’t want to get our hopes up, but this could either be a good sign, or just a random coincidence. (Good thing we are much closer!)

ALL ATMOSPHERE – The booths are comfortable and each table has chopsticks, soy sauce, vinegar, S&B chili pepper and chili paste. The special of the day was on the chalk board on the counter-side. There was a TV screen with rotating black & white photos of Detroit on the wall facing the entrance. I had already reviewed the menu on line while we were in the car, so I had an idea of what I wanted.

IT’S IN THE MEAT – Seared on one side and delicious! After reading the reviews on Yelp, I was leaning toward ordering the pork stomach, but when we got inside, I changed my mind and ordered the shredded pork. WOW! It was really good. Nice flavor and texture. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was awesomely surprised.

(I tried to think of a title for this section that didn’t have too much innuendo. Boy, was that difficult! And funny!)

UMM…BROTH…. – Enough said, right? It’s nice to go out in February and have something broth-y like this. True, our February wasn’t the bone chilling one of last year, but nothing is nicer than warming up with soup in the winter months. We ordered Shoyu and the Red Curry. Both had their own distinct flavor and were delish.

REPEATS? – We are planning to go back soon. This time we will definitely try the pork stomach and the daily special. To quote Arnold: “I’ll be back!” (You gotta say it with the accent too!)



RAINED OUT - Our friend (he’s Alumni and a season ticket holder) got emailed about an event, on the football stadium grounds, to watch the Star Wars movie. Unfortunately, when we showed up, it was rained out and set for rescheduling. The staff, that was there, let us go in to the locker room for a tour, and on to the field.

VICTORY DANCE - We figured this would probably be our only chance to run the field, end-to-end, and do our touchdown victory dance, so we each took turns. I am sure the stadium staff laughed as hard as we did. Good thing none of us play football because it’s better to keep some of those victory dances locked up!


EASY LUNCH – I’ve been to Xushi Ko quite a few times. For lunch hour, you can usually order, get served, eat and pay, in about forty minutes. (That’s been my experience, anyway.) I just order from the set menu lunch and it has worked out pretty well. The food is good and consistent, so it’s on our rotation. The photos are of the salad, the miso soup, combo 2 (tempura and sushi rolls) and the lunch box (with steak).


BURGERS AND POUTINE - When you first walk into Joe’s you notice all of the pennies epoxied to the floor. The place was decorated with a retro vibe and it was very comfortable. Their poutine is gravy on baton cut fries with cheese curds. Very tasty! We ordered an assortment of slider burgers: Chubby Slider, Bacon Cheese Slider, Mushroom Swiss Slider, and Jalapeno Slider. My favorite was the bacon cheese slider. All in all, a great lunch with hubby!


CRAYFISH ANYONE? - I’ve seen the sign a bunch of times over the years, but never had the chance. The timing was right, so we decided to go to the IKEA Crayfish Party this year. I’m pretty sure I have had crayfish before, but it has been a long time and never at IKEA. There were a lot of people! We were a bit early and didn’t have to wait in line. By the time we left, there was a line up and people had to wait for cleared tables.

OTHER FARE – Other items included meatballs and gravlax as well as assorted sides (potatoes, salad, deviled eggs, mini quiches). We went to town on the cookies for dessert. When we went back downstairs, I noticed you could buy the frozen crayfish in the food freezer. If you really liked the crayfish, and didn’t want to wait until next year’s Crayfish Party, you could cook them on your own at home.