M & S - Vintage Variety

THEIR STYLE - After having attended many large weddings (and always having fun), when it came time for their own wedding, the Bride and Groom realized they were ‘small wedding’ people. The ceremony happened in the gardens of a heritage building followed by an intimate candlelight dinner inside.

INTIMATE GATHERING - The attendees included only immediate family with their spouses (or partners) and the Bride’s best friend. The Bride met her best friend in grade school and they went to high school and college together.  They even graduated in the same subject. The Bride is an avid baker and made the wedding cake herself.  For months leading up to the wedding, whenever guests went to her place, she would have them sample different recipes for batter and icing. After dinner the group proceeded to the Bride’s Parents’ house for more dessert, wedding cake, board games and fireworks. As the Groom left the reception room, he said, “That was REALLY good!” For them, it was the perfect start to the rest of their future.

MEANT TO BE - The Bride and Groom met at a party years before, but did not date because they were both too busy. When finally they did go out, they knew it was meant to be and then things move quickly.

THE WEDDING DAY - They were married in a building that had served as a convent before it was converted for housing. The original alter room was preserved and restored. The Bride and Groom were married at the marble alter as light streamed through three antique stained glass windows beside them. The reception was held at a hotel's reception room. The room was decorated with touches of azure blue (the Bride’s favorite color).  After the dinner and the first dance, the Bride changed into an azure blue dress to celebrate and mingle with their guests.

Angela & Alex - Romantic Rustic - Wolcott Mill Park, Ray Township, MI


THE BRIDE AND GROOM - There are three things you need to know about the Bride and Groom of Romantic Rustic: they enjoy the outdoors; they are avid about D-I-Y; and contentment is defined as hanging out with good friends sampling microbrewery.

THEIR WEDDING - For their wedding they wanted to combine all of the things that make them happy. They were married by a good friend (who was also a minister) at a Metropark, near trails they had hiked at many times, surrounded by close family and friends. They had a tap set up so they could greet each (adult) guest with a sample of Michigan microbrewery beer.

THE CUPCAKE DISPLAY - In lieu of a cake, they had a bakery design cupcakes with sunflowers and sugar-glass butterflies that were displayed on a stand that was handmade by the Groom. He used slices of wood, from the trunk of a tree he had cut down, for the “plates” of the stand. To add patina to the wood, he charred the edges, sanded the surfaces and finished it off with a coat of stain. For the risers, he use smaller tree branches, cut so the cupcakes could stack nicely.

FRIENDS AND FELLOWSHIP - After dinner and speeches, a cooler of Dragonmead’s Armageddon beer was unveiled to the cheer of their friends. The celebrations were concluded around a fire-pit-marshmallow-roast as sounds of laughter and fading music filled the night.

KRIS & FAMILY - Playing In The light

THE LEAVES UNDERFOOT MEANS THAT FALL HAS ARRIVED - With a nice breeze and rays of sparkling sun for our backdrop, I had the pleasure of capturing some memories for Kris and her family. Her daughter, Sydney, was too cute! She laughed, she ran, she giggled and she played hide-an-seek. They said that with all of the activity she was going to sleep well when bedtime rolled around. That makes two of us!

COURTNEY AND GABE - Shriners Silver Garden Events Center, Southfield, Mi

THE COUPLE - Courtney and Gabe are one of those couples, that when you meet them, you know they were meant to be together. When they are together, the picture is truly complete. Their wedding was beautiful, touching and relaxed. And did I mention, everyone had a good time!

STYLE AND PERSONALITY - The contrast of purple and red in Bridesmaids’ flowers was dazzling. The Flower girls had cute dresses with purple petals between layers of tulle. Each Bridesmaid wore a matching necklace and earring set with purple crystals. The Bride wore earrings with blue crystals for her “something blue” and even had a penny in the bottom of her shoe!  Her bouquet had lilies with plum centers radiating out to white petals and tips of chartreuse.

ALL THE IMPORTANT ELEMENTS - Along with Family, Friends and Love, there are three other elements that every wedding should have: laughter (the priest’s words to the bride and groom had the audience in stitches); fun (dancing, eating and lots of candy!); and a surprise (the Groom’s wedding gift to the Bride brought touching tears to her eyes moments before the ceremony).

It was a beautiful wedding for two very special people!


ALWAYS BEST FRIENDS - The Bride and Groom were high school sweethearts that never grew apart. As best friends in high school, the Maid of Honor recounted how the Bride and Groom would sneak out after school to see each other.

ALL THAT SPARKLES - The Bride’s fondness for All-That-Sparkles was exhibited, in the wedding, by her choice of rhinestone and crystal embellished pieces. From her shoes, to the dress, the jewelry and her tiara, touches of sparkle were present. The stems of the bouquets were encircled by a collar of rhinestones. At the reception, the cascading centerpieces, slip-covered chairs and 3-tiered cake (topped off with monogram) also received the dazzling touch.

K & V - Elegant Garden - Cherry Creek Golf Club, 52000 Cherry Creek Dr, Shelby Charter Township, MI 48316

THE BRIDE AND GROOM - After college, the Bride and Groom traveled extensively and visited many places around the world.  Their guest book was a collection of photos, from those travels, that friends could sign.


A COLLABORATION - Their wedding happened on a beautiful summer day and they were surrounded by friends and family.  The trees outside the reception were decorated with cerulean blue paper lanterns. Other personal touches for their wedding included tables that were assigned a location (places the couple had visited together) and invitations that she designed and he had printed. For the menu she had spring rolls brought in and he chose the surf-n-turf plated meals. Following their Asian heritage, the Bride changed into a cheongsam (the red silk dress that is traditional for weddings) after dinner. The Midnight Snack included corn dogs, fresh plain and cheese pretzels with mustard, and elephant ears (crispy cinnamon-sugar fried dough – the Groom’s pick!).

THE WATERCOLOR - On a special note, they were the first watercolor clients. Their special day was commemorated with an original watercolor painting.

KENDRA & FAMILY - Fall Foliage

AN AFTERNOON STROLL THROUGH THE PARK - It really was a perfect day for a photo session. At first we were afraid it was going to rain, but it was really nice instead. October can be so unpredictable: sometimes rainy, or very windy and cold.

Kendra and her family met us at the park and we took a nice stroll along the path as I snapped pictures: candid and posed. They were fun to photograph and game to some goofier poses!