CARVED HEARTS - The Bride and Groom fun and creative. They wanted their day to be entertaining for everyone and included small touches so their guests could relax, enjoy, and of course, party. At their reception, guests were guided to sign wooden hearts that were slid into a glass frame, in lieu of a sign in book. They were then directed to pick up their escort cards and upon entering the dining room, were asked to fill out “Date Night” ideas on Popsicle sticks. A candy table was set up after dinner and guests were invited to fill mini burlap bags with stamped with the saying “Love is Sweet.” Gifts to the Bridesmaids included sterling silver necklace with an infinity pendant to represent all of the friendship, love and support they have given.

BIRCH TREE CAKE - To emphasize their love of the outdoors, the Bride and Groom had a cake made to look like birch logs from a tree. They had their names in a heart put in the middle as if it was carved in the tree. (Too cute!) Accompanying the cake were cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla and raspberry.

FAMILY CENTERPIECES - The Bride and Groom had an Uncle help in creating centerpieces for each table. Flat pieces of stump acted as the tray and small branches were cut, sanded, and engraved with the table numbers. The tray also held two mason jars: one for a candle and a larger one for flowers.

LOVELY RAIN - It rained intermittently in the afternoon. Their spirits couldn’t be dampened by the rain even if their post-wedding photo session could have been longer. Big smiles were presented for most of the photos, but there is one photo of the Bride, looking at the Groom, with a small contented smile, and that is my favorite. Nothing says true happiness, like the natural smile that comes to your lips when you feel so lucky to be marrying the person you love

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AuthorSue Sushi